New Release: “31 Prayers for Hope”

31 Prayers for HopeI have returned to the “31 Prayers” series with a new installment: “31 Prayers for Hope”! This book is already on sale in print and for the Kindle, and is currently available for free on the Kindle! Pick up a copy right away!

From the back cover:

Discover the power of Scripture-based prayer with these 31 prayers for hope.

Pray one of these prayers each day as you strive to overcome despair and to glorify God in your life this month, or focus on a category of prayers for hope.

Scripture-based prayer means speaking to God using His Word when we cannot find our own. He has given us a grand resource in the Scriptures through which we can find help when we need it most. Discover what God’s Word has to say about hope and find God’s light through prayer.

Categories of prayers for hope:
Hope When All Seems Hopeless
Hope’s Assurance
Hope for the Downtrodden
Hope As Righteousness
Hope in Salvation
Hope for All
Hope As a Gift of God
Hope Producing Joy
Hope for Now and Forever

And if you power through this book and are interested in the next, keep an eye out for more information about the next installment, “31 Prayers for Peace”!

“31 Prayers for Financial Wisdom” FREE for Kindle

Pick up your completely FREE Kindle copy of 31 Prayers for Financial Wisdom today (4/14/13) through Thursday (4/18/13)!

Now that tax season has ended here in these United States, many of you are either receiving refunds or realizing you have to pay more taxes. Now is the time to start praying for more financial wisdom in your life. What do you do with this unexpected bonus? How do you prioritize your bills to cover this unexpected expense? Prayer is a vital part of figuring out how God wants you to prioritize the things in your life. Your life needs to be properly ordered so that you can follow His will more closely.

It has been said that “31 Prayers for Financial Wisdom” is just a book of prayers; this is true. It does not have financial advice, nor am I qualified – either by education or by experience – to give such advice. All I’m offering is what Scripture says on the matter and a few prayers based on Scripture to help you enact God’s will in your life.

If you want Christian financial advice, I suggest paying attention to Dave Ramsey. He is qualified to offer financial advice, and he offers it from a Christian perspective.

Now go pick up your FREE copy of “31 Prayers for Financial Wisdom” for your Kindle device today!

New Year’s Resolution: Finances!

31 Prayers for Financial WisdomYesterday began the Year of Our Lord 2013. It is a year of faith for all Christians as we endeavor to make ourselves known and strengthen our presence both in politics and ethics, in the United States of America and worldwide. It is important that we live out our faith in every area of our lives… and this is especially important in the realm of our financial decisions. Read more »

Book Sale Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To celebrate this holiday, and to prepare for Christmas giving, we are having sales on both printed and Kindle versions of ALL FIVE “31 Prayers” books. As I’ve mentioned, the print sale is only through the CreateSpace eStore, which can be reached through our purchase pages above. When you are ready to check out, enter the discount code 2SN3DBNR. This will lower the price of every “31 Prayers” book in your cart to the minimum allowed by the store. Remember, you will still need to part shipping, but even so, your purchase will be cheaper than Amazon’s best offer.

If you’re more interested in the Kindle versions, for which you can get a free reading app for any device, then you can use the purchase pages above to find links to each book on All five will be completely free for Kindle!

Happy holidays and enjoy!

“31 Prayers for Forgiveness” Published!

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the 31 Prayers Twitter account or Facebook page, you might have noticed that a new book has been in the works: “31 Prayers for Forgiveness.” That book has now been published! You can see its cover to the right of this paragraph.

It is currently available for the Kindle or in our eStore through CreateSpace, but it has not yet been posted in print on I’ll edit this post when it is.

Edit: It is now available in print at! Read more »