31 Prayers is about providing daily Scripture prayers focused on particular struggles or strengths.

I am Nathaniel Turner, editor and author of the 31 Prayers series. I spent my youth on the mission field with my parents before I returned to Baylor University, where I received a Bachelor’s degree is Classics and Religion. (In other words, I learned Greek, Latin, the Bible, and the history of the Christian faith.) I presently live in Wisconsin with my wife and two sons.

It is my hope that these prayers guide you in your own prayer life when you cannot find the words yourself. This fallen world puts a lot of pressure on us; fears and temptations and adversity can cause us to lose sight of ourselves and God. My desire is that, when darkness clouds your vision, and when worry robs you of your words, these prayers can help to focus your thoughts and your prayers on Him, so that you might be rescued.